Бохэннон Орр

Помощник инструктора Американского филиала
Бохэннон Орр

“When the student is ready, the master will appear.”

Bohannon Orr was born on November 25, 1980. Though he was eldest among his two siblings, his impish charm and silly, vibrant attitude constantly had him mistaken as the youngest. He has been one of the fortunate souls who has known what he's wanted to do with his life from a very young age; he took his first Shotokan karate class and was featured in his first stage play role at the age of 8. Attending Carr Lane VPA and Ladue High School in his hometown of St. Louis, MO. made staying in acting easy enough, but growing up in a single parent household led him to independent study of martial arts throughout his teenage years.

Bohannon's lifelong passion for martial arts intensified throughout his youth as he not only watched, but studied action cinema. Growing up watching the greats, such as Bruce Lee, Sonny Chiba, Cynthia Rothrock, Donnie Yen, MJW and Michelle Yeoh set him on his course to pursue his dream of becoming a martial arts movie star. Yet as he got older, he understood that stardom was not as important as making a difference, and in order to achieve your dream, you have to make your bed first. After high school, he set out to improve his station in life and find a way to use both his ambition and intellect to move forward.

Bohannon enlisted in the US Air Force alongside his brother Ramsey in 2000. He entered as a Russian crypto-linguist, but the events on September 11, 2001 caused him and almost 85% of his class to get sent to different fields. After a stint in Texas, he came back out to Northern California's Beale AFB and fell in with a group of airmen who were just as into martial arts as him. They started a sparring club that he would be involved with until the end of his service. Seeing so many different styles in action helped him to stoke the fire in his belly and comprehend what works in the movies and in real life.

When he arrived in LA in January 2013, he immediately began working odd jobs and pursuing acting roles around the city to earn his keep. One day he happened upon a flyer for a Martial Arts Movie seminar being proctored by none other than one of his childhood hero/ crush, Cynthia Rothrock. He also learned that 11-time world Kickboxing champ, Don “The Dragon” Wilson would be there as well. He scraped together all of his money to pay for a spot, and although he was still short of admission, fate had a surprise in store for him. It was at this seminar that he met Master Valery Prosvirov, his present and permanent teacher.

After a magnificent day of meeting two of his favorite martial arts actors, Bohannon asked Master Valery about training at the kwoon as a student. Although he didn't have the money to pay for classes, the Master decided to let him train for a trial period. Even from the very first day of training, Bohannon knew that this new instructor was a cut above the rest, and was relentless in his pursuit of excellence both from himself and from his students. After a fortnight of testing his physical, mental, and spiritual fortitude, the Master saw potential in him. He agreed to accept Bohannon into his tutelage free of charge. Of course, Bohannon's first question was, “what's the catch?” Master Valery told him that the only rule is that he is not allowed to give up. (So... what's the catch?) Since then, he has been training rigorously under the master and his son Dmitry, and hopes to reach professional level within a few years.


Bohannon credits Golden Dragon with not only helping him to improve himself physically, but mentally and spiritually as well. Applying the principles and philosophies taught by Master Valery to everyday life has given Bohannon an outlook that allows him to face any challenge with grace, confidence, and assurance. He is honored to be a student and to be blessed with the opportunity to teach action cinema choreography alongside Dmitry, and is looking forward to launching numerous creative and artistic projects in the future. Coming from such a long and hard road to reach this new path is more than enough proof for him that dreams do come true, as long as you're willing to wake up and chase them down.