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We call it “The Missing Piece”. For those that wish for something more. For those looking for something better. “The Missing Piece” is the way. It is program for complete development. Improve yourself every day of your life. “The Missing Piece” celebrates the greatness of being human.
The things we all strive for:
Health and happiness
depend upon us.
Do good work for yourself.
Believe in yourself.

Grand Master Valery Prosvirov was born with an incurable, debilitating muscle disease. His life expectancy was short, and his quality of life was dreadful. Medicine was rarely available, and the side-effects were incapacitating. Simple things like walking, opening his eyes, and chewing his food were extremely difficult for him. His days ranged from bad to worse—and then he began his training. Today, he is 50 years old, and he is the fittest man in Los Angeles. He found a teacher, he trained the right way. He found what he was missing, he did what they said was “impossible”, and he made his life great. He found “The Missing Piece,” and now he shares it with the world.


“The Missing Piece” is the perfect physical training program. “Kung Fu” means “perfect work”. Perfect movement. Perfect physical condition. Perfect health. This program is the way to get the best results for yourself. You can do great things. This series includes all of the exercises you need. It includes the scientific and physiological reasoning behind the training. The foundations of perfect physical movement are explained, the principles Kung Fu are made clear, so that you can understand and feel the benefits from the work you do.

The Golden Dragon is a traditional Chinese Martial Arts school. The traditional teaching of the Martial Arts requires in-person training, and this series is not meant to act as a substitute. Trends reign supreme in modern man's quest for physical perfection—and people are hurting themselves by training the wrong way. This series aims to teach people about the basics of health and the way the body works. This knowledge has been passed down for 5000 years, and it must be made widely available for the good of all people. “The Missing Piece” is the way we will teach the world about the health and perfection of human life.

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